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NVTV – Eddie Madril and Kathy Douglas – ‘The Dance of Caring’

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau (Host) and Craig Pasqua (Co Host) interviews Kathy Douglas (Registered Nurse) and Eddie Madril (Hoop Dancer) on Native Voice TV.

Co-Host, Pasqua asks each of the guests to introduce themselves. Douglas mentions her many years as a ‘Extensive Care Nurse‘, became a ‘Filmaker‘ and recently a book ‘Author‘.

Madril has been Hoop Dancing since the late 1970’s, currently teaches at San Francisco State University and College of Marin in ‘American Indian Studies‘ and is co-author (Madril’s wife, Sarah, as a co-writer) of ‘The Dance of Caring‘.

This interview is about the origin of the book (Douglas and Madril) – ‘The Dance of Caring‘. They discuss in depth between the connection of Hoop Dancing (Circle) and the Professional Care Giving.

The book is intended for everyone and it is about staying or being in ‘Balance‘, of taking care of yourself. As Madril stated,
“You can not give from an Empty Well”.

The Dance of Caring is for people who professionally and/or regular people who have to take care of someone –
‘Care Givers Guide to Harmony’.

There are 43 million people in North america who are care givers and 1/4 (10 Million) spend at least 40 hours of week care giving. LeBeau, Pasqua and Wallace (Camera Person) have
individual experiences of care giving.

Please share this interview with those you know who are Care Giving and/or know of people who Care Give. This book, ‘The Dance of Caring‘ will help Care Givers of the World maintain their Circle of Balance and to keep
Their Own Well Filled and not EMPTY.

To learn more, visit their website: .

Fresno (CMAC 93) Educational Channel 93
of  Native Voice TV shows four times a week
(Monday, Wed., Friday & Sat.) at 5PM.

NVTV – Eddie Madril (Pasqua/Yaqui)

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau interviews Eddie Madril (Pasqua/Yaqui) of his ‘Dance Group‘ opportunity to represent Native American culture in France on Native Voice TV.

Madril shares his experiences in Gannat, France of a 10 day festival, called ‘Festival of World Cultures’. For over 45 years, the South of the Allier has allowed itself a unique cultural celebration with over 65,000 festival-goers.

Madril makes note of the similarities of cultures of trying to maintain their identity of themselves through their cultures and traditions. Also how the various people from five continents perceived ‘Native Americans’?

This show is very interesting and is a MUST WATCH!.

Fresno (CMAC 93) Educational Channel 93
of  Native Voice TV shows four times a week
(Monday, Wed., Friday & Sat.) at 5PM.

NVTV – Eddie Madril (Pascua Yaqui)

Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez interviews Eddie Madril (Pascua Yaqui) of southern Arizona and northern Sonora, Mexico on Native Voice TV.

Madril gives his biography of his dancing group, ‘Four Winds‘, of his perspectives of how people look at Native Americans. He speaks of the 550 tribes and several hundred native dialects which help educate and increase awareness
of the diversity ‘Indigenous’ people. He performs with his ‘HOOP‘ dancing and explains what it means.

Tuesday, May 19th on KMVT Comcast
Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.

NVTV – Revision Production Company

Eddie Madril

Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez interviews Revision Production CompanyEddie Madril (Yaqui), Sara Moncada (Yaqui) and Doug Heinz on Native Voice TV.
These actors performed a short play (Skit) called “A day in the Life“. After this short play, each of the actors talked about their production company, where they have mostly performed (Bay Area Universities), and who the intended audiences were (Non-Native).
Madril emphasizes that we are all “HUMAN BEINGS” and the plays are written about Native people in a non-aggressive, non-abrasive, non-militant way.

Tuesday, April 22nd on

KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00P.M.