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NVTV – Guest: Juan Francisco Lorea – Mayan Winds Coffee

Cihuapilli Le Beau Rose Amador’s and Co-Host, Micheal New Moon’s guest is Juan Francisco Lorea (Pueblo/Mescalero/Mexica) on Native Voice TV show.

Lorea gives his background as to how he empowered the Chiapa Mayan Indigenous people to regain their dignity by becoming economically independent.

Lorea speaks of over seven years of struggle to help the ‘Chipas’ regain its land and to grow and sell the Mayan Organic Coffee to the world (2nd Largest Commodity in the International Market).

Chiapas is home to about 36 percent of Mexico’s coffee-farming land, and about 16 percent of the state’s farms, or 40,000 hectares. Currently, the struggle begins again on the World Coffee Prices spiraling downwards and the infective plant fungus, Roya.

Current Article: ‘Mexico to mull spending around $200 million to help coffee farmers battle leaf rust’.

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