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NVTV – Michael Liu (Navajo) – “Safety & Mission Assurance”

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau and Craig Pasqua (Co-Host) interviews Michael Liu (Navajo), Director of NASA’s Safety and Mission Assurance on Native Voice TV.

This show is very interesting and has many aspects as what NASA AIM Research Center can offer and how the Native American Advisory Committee (NAAC) continues to try to get the Native American youth make careers in NASA.

Liu has been on Native Voice TV eight years prior and gave an update of what he has done within NASA’s organization.

Liu as the Director of Safetly & Mission Assurance mentions his department responsibility in all aspects to make it safe for all people and all missions become sucessful.

Liu speaks in detail the major aspects of safety. Pasqua (Co-Host) asks Liu how many Native Americans are in NASA. Liu mentions about John Harriton (retired) is the first Native American to fly in a Space Shuttle mission and how NASA has many different types of careers it can offer.

Liu continues to speak his continual involvement to recruit Native American youth to make careers in NASA.

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