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NVTV – Native American (KIA): Guest’s: Richard Windfeathers and R. Eagle Many Hats Levy

Cihuapilli Le Beau Rose Amador guests are Richard Windfeathers (Picuris Pueblo) and R. Eagle Many Hats Levy (Chemejucvi) on Native Voice TV show.

Eagle Many Hats mentions about James Ortolani, the co-founder of the KIA flag and that Ortolani contacted Eagle “Many Hats” Levy and asked for help in creating a flag that would honor the Native Americans Killed in Action or who later Died of Wounds because of an action. Eagle Many Hats continues to mention Mike Nopah of the Mohave Tribe, who created the design that is now honoring the Native American – Killed in Action (NAKIA) flag. Windfeathers makes statements of facts about our Native American being the largest ethnic group of America to serve for this country (210,000). The Native American Memorial flag which was designed for brothers and sisters who came from reservations, served in the U.S. Armed Forces and were KIA or DOW. Placing eagle feathers with the Medicine Wheel on both sides of the sacred oval shield, we are respecting the Red Road and what is passed down by elders to live by traditionally. More information on website.

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