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NVTV – Alexis Augustine (Navajo/Cochiti/Santo Domingo Pueblo)

AlexisAugustineAlexis Augustine

Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez interviews Alexis Augustine (Navajo/Cochiti/Santo Domingo Pueblo) on Native Voice TV.
Augustine talks about how she started her new business called Enspired Vision‘. Her new business sells Native fashion lines, hats, blazers and accessories. She speaks about how she conceived the idea of doing this business and how Art changes perspectives, ‘art is a medium’ for connecting people and cultures. Augustine speaks about ‘Women Activism‘ and she speaks about Creative Art for women. This show will air on 

Fresno (CMAC 93) Educational Channel 93
of  Native Voice TV shows four times a week
(Monday, Wed., Friday & Sat.) at 5PM.