Bill Means & Antonio Gonzales

NVTV – Bill Means (Oglala Lakota) & Antonio Gonzales (Comca’ Ac/Chicaño)

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau interviews Bill Means (Oglala Lakota) & Antonio Gonzales (Comca’ Ac/Chicaño) on
Native Voice TV.

This interview is on the issue of ‘Mascottry and Sport Racism‘. Each of the guests give their background of what organizations they represent and are a member of (American Indian Movement, “AIM”; International Indian Treaty Council) in which are involved
in many issues which are all stemming from
Human Rights and Protection of the Environment.

This show is recommended to better understand what is the ROOT of RACISM towards all people and what needs to be done to STOP the continuation of it.

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of  Native Voice TV shows four times a week
(Monday, Wed., Friday & Sat.) at 5PM.