William Underbaggage

NVTV – William Underbaggage (Oglala Lakota)

William Underbaggage

Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundance Martinez interviews William Underbaggage (Oglala Lakota), founder and executive director of Indigenous Nations Network, INN (1999) on Native Voice TV.

Underbaggage states that the INN organization focuses on Native American issues that are political, religious and of indigenous rights and culture. He talks about indigenous tribes throughout the americas and how he help create the ‘Lakota-Mexica Cultural Exchange‘.

Underbaggage talks a lot on this 1/2 hour show about his ‘Anti-War Movement’ mission. He has traveled around the world to talk about peace to many other indigenous people. He states he always carries his peace pipe with him and prays.

Underbaggage gives many examples of the untruths of wars. Through these examples he makes more people aware of how many people of color in America are targeted to fight these manufactured wars.

Underbaggage mentions a 55 minute video called, ‘The Struggle in the Americas: The American Empire Against Indigenous Nations’ and a movie, ‘A Tatto on my Heart’. He mentions both of these are not put out by the mass media.

This is a very good show. Take the time and become aware of what we continue to do to other indigenous nations and to our own young people.

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