Native Voice TV

Whatever your goals, Native Voice TV can help your company achieve them by aligning with targeted and integrated Sponsorship Opportunities. For over ten years, NVTV has been bringing quality public media that has been engaging, informing and entertaining the San Jose Area and most of California.

NVTV has broaden its viewership to 55 million Aldephia, Century Link, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Direct TV, Dish Network, Mid Continent Communications, PBS, Oceanic Time Warner, Suddenlink and Verison Fios Cable, Direct and Antenna air subscriber households in eighteen (18) states (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana,  Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming) including eastern Ontario, Canada.

Sponsoring &/or Underwriting

By becoming a Local Corporate, Small Business or Individual Sponsor of NVTV, you will help your company achieve your goals by aligning with one of the many targeted and integrated media Sponsorship Opportunities available. Your company will receive high visibility, corporate credibility, and an uncluttered environment that makes your message stand out.

Community Cable Public TV audiences has reached over 45 million viewers via 42 media providers. Native Voice TV website’s also provides an increase viewership via On-Demand via Youtube of your organization, business and/or event to a world wide audience.

Your sponsorship with one or more of NVTV’s platforms will:

* Increase your visibility before a regional and global audience of millions of engaged, active and loyal users

* Enhance your entities image, benefiting from the “EAGLE EYE’s EFFECT” that corporate sponsorship provides for our underwriters

* Break through the media clutter. Native Voice TV broadcasts an average of less than 3 minutes of non-programming time per show, compared with nearly 20 minutes on commercial stations. NVTV delivers less than three minutes of local sponsorship messages. Your message truly stands out!

Through the creation of 1/2 hour programs, the leveraging of our multiple media assets, and strategic partnerships; NVTV delivers television, live internet TV streaming, website ‘On Demand’ TV shows and social content  via Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Itunes Podcast, Soundcloud, Mixlr and more (Click Here) that makes people think, feel and become engaged.

Now, your organization can build a strong association with the quality and excellence of which NVTV are celebrated. Contact us now to learn how your company can achieve its marketing goals and enhance your corporate image as a Native Voice TV sponsor and/or underwriter.