Summer of Sunflowers

Summer of Sunflowers
With an entire summer ahead of her, Shannon returns to her loving grandmother’s home on the Navajo reservation shortly after her sixteenth birthday, with great expectations for coming of age and bonding once again with her grandmother. However, she finds more than she could’ve imagined and the summer is a very unexpected one.What should be a peaceful summer and a break from a hectic city life in Los Angeles quickly turns into one of chaos as Shannon experiences a roller-coaster of events–a surprise visit from strangers, the murder of a local Navajo man, an emotional visit to the hospital, and a myriad of peculiar events, all of which keep readers guessing at what might happen next.

With all sorts of misfortune and tragedy swirling around her, Shannon manages to find herself falling in love with a young man for the first time and struggles with her new feelings.

Will Shannon ever find peace during her summer at Grandma’s?

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Cyntia Woodty

Cynthia Woodty was born March 9, 1976, in Winslow, Arizona to a large Navajo family. She grew up on the Navajo reservation and attended Leupp Boarding School in Leupp, Arizona for her elementary and junior high school years. She graduated from Winslow High School in 1994 and continued her education at various institutes in Phoenix, Arizona. She began a career in the Information Technology field, and holds a position at a global data storage company. In addition to her passion for computers, she has always had a passion for writing and began writing her 410-page murder/mystery novel, titled Summer of Sunflowers, in 2005. With three children at home and a full-time job, she managed to find time in the early morning hours and late at night, to write, edit, and publish her novel. She is a self-published author and chose to use to finish her book. Summer of Sunflowers is Cynthia Woodty’s first novel. She continues to live with her family in Phoenix, Arizona.