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NVTV – Good Shield Aguilar (Lakota/Pasqua Yaqui) Activist/Entertainer

On Native Voice TV show Craig Pasqua (Co-Host) has Good Shield Aguilar (Lakota/Pasqua) as a Guest. Pasqua introduces Good Shield as Native Voice TV’s writer, singer and performer of its ‘Introduction’ song – “Indigenous Soul”.

Good Shield speaks about he was made aware from his aunt (Rosie Little Thunder) about the connection of Lakota tribe to the Buffalo. Since 2002, Good Shield has been involved in ‘Buffalo Field Campaign of Montana (www.BuffaloFieldCampaign.org). He mentions that outside of the Yellowstone National Park 1,000 ‘Genetically Pure’ Buffalo are killed per year.

The Buffalo Field Campaign has been trying to pass legislation to make Genetically Pure ‘Buffalo’ as an ‘Endangered’ species (for PROTECTION) and make the Buffalo a National mammal.

Good Shield entertains with five songs which two were originals from ‘Floyd Red Crow Westerman and his own three songs.
Good Shield ends the show with his contribution song to Native Voice TV – ‘Indigenous Soul’.

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