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NVTV – Guest(s): Arron Chermac, Manny Ortega and Artists

Chermac and Ortega

Cihuapilli Le Beau Rose Amador’s guest is Arron Chermac (Semeca Iroquois) and Manny Ortega (Apache) on Native Voice TV show. 

Chermac and Ortega tell of their background. Chermac is a Graphic Artist and Ortega is a Santa Clara county volunteer for ‘Prevention’ of Alcohol, drugs and gang violence for young adults.  Chermac speaks of his start up business, ‘Super Graphics‘ which was bought out and continues today with a new graphic business and encourages young men and women to start up their business.

The show ends with two musicians who each sings a song while playing their acoustic guitars.

Fresno (CMAC 93) Educational Channel 93
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